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Hellenic Athletic Club History

The Hellenic Athletic Club (HAC) was established in 1958, by a group of Greek immigrants new to Australia who loved soccer and were looking for a means to get together, socialise and integrate into the community. During its life the club has changed its name to Moil and Darwin United, for various reasons, but is now once again called the Hellenic Athletic Club. Hellenic was branded an ‘Athletic Club’ as it also participated in volleyball, water polo and basketball. However, the sporting diversity over time reduced to only Football. Hellenic has over 60 years of proud sporting history in the NT and has had plenty of success during this time.


Hellenic contributes a great deal to the local community as a strong competitor in Darwin Football, as well as donating time and effort to the Greek Community, donating to charities and taking part in various cultural events. As Darwin’s oldest soccer club, Hellenic has grown from strength to strength from its humble beginnings to now boast around 350 players ranging from five year old boys and girls to senior men’s and women’s teams. Although the club derives from Greek origins, Hellenic prides itself on the diverse cultural involvement ranging from Football players, to officials, volunteers, and coaches.


Hellenic is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who contribute countless hours of valuable time to ensure the continued survival of the club. Hellenic prides itself on its family culture and has a history of many members of the same families that have formed the Club’s foundation. Volunteers, coaches and committee members have been invaluable to Hellenic’s growth and success over time. The Hellenic committee is devoted to the wants and needs of our players and members, and strive for the ultimate success, on and off the field. Hellenic is committed to providing a positive environment to ensure the world’s number one sport continues to grow in Darwin.

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