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Membership Card

  • 20% discount at Fresh Point Stuart Park and Palmerston

  • 20% discount at Luna & Co Cafe

  • 15% discount at Palates of India

  • 15% discount at Urban Spice at the Waterfront

  • 10% discount on supplements at ASN

  • 10% discount at GoSushi restaurant

  • Hellenic Athletic Club Sponsored Membership Deal

  • 10% discount

  • 10% Discount on fees & equipment, including memberships. Mini Golf Family $35.

  • ELITE PHYSIOTHERAPY -10% discount 

  • 10% discount at K Lush

More to come…

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Show your 2022 Members Card and enjoy benefits and discounts at the following partners:

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When you register to play for Hellenic Athletic Club or purchase a club membership you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct.


The Hellenic Athletic Club is committed to fostering and maintaining an environment which promotes understanding, accepts the unique differences of all persons affiliated with or interested in the Hellenic Athletic Club and recognises the need to prohibit certain discriminatory or vilifying conduct.

All members, supporters, officials, club personnel and players attending a Hellenic Athletic Club match day or event should expect a safe, inclusive, enjoyable and family-friendly environment and be treated fairly by all. 

The Hellenic Athletic Club Member Code of Conduct is in place to benefit its members, supporters and the wider football community. Members are bound by the following Member Code of Conduct. 


As a member of the Hellenic Athletic Club: 


I will refrain from engaging in harassing, intimidating, disruptive and/or violent behaviour inclusive of foul and abusive language or offensive gestures. I will not engage in or endorse any form of vilification based on  

  • Race; 

  • Gender; 

  • Religion; 

  • Sexual preference, orientation or identity 

  • Ethnicity; 

  • Personal circumstance; 

  • Disability; or 

  • Age;

I will comply with the terms and conditions of entry at all Football NT venues, club matches and club events and conduct myself in a manner that does not damage (or have the potential to damage) the reputation of the Hellenic Athletic Club.  


I will not engage in conduct that could bring the Hellenic Athletic Club or the game of Football into disrepute. 


I also agree to abide by the following:

Links to these policies can be found here:


Across all forms of media including social media or general media, I will not engage in conduct that could result in bringing Hellenic Athletic Club or the game of Football into disrepute. 

The Hellenic Athletic Club appreciates your support of the Member Code of Conduct and encourages everyone to call-out anti-social behaviour by reporting offences via the most appropriate channel.  


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