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Hellenic Senior
Awards 2022

What an outstanding season for our club yet again, 6 senior teams competing across the Men’s and Women’s competition with 4 teams making the Grand Final.

These players stood out across the whole season and were awarded a spot in the Hellenic Team of the Year at our senior presentation.

Team of the Year 2022

T. Hartog (WPL), J. Maillis (MPLR), A. Turner (MPL), I. Makrylos (DIV1), L. Makrylos (WPL), C. Kontzionis (WPLR), N. Stefanidakis (MPL), J. Forwood (WPL), M. McNab (MPL), S. Vrontos (DIV1), S. Makrylos (WPL)


Bench: F. Gutteres (MPLR), I. Wright (WPLR), K. Kariotis (DIV 1), M. Maragos (DIV 1), R. Cholakos (WPLR)

Coach - M.Hajdic (WPL)

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